Are You Looking To Grow
Your Business?

If you are looking to scale your business then you will know that you are going to need a robust plan, a motivated team and exceptional leadership to get you there. My Marketing Button offers you an exciting online platform which you can use to create a great marketing plan and give life to your vision. Empower your team to carry out the tasks that will support your business on your growth journey.

Are You Looking To Grow </br>Your Business? Are You Looking To Grow </br>Your Business?

Build An Effective Scale Culture
Underpinned By A Great Marketing Plan

Do you have a vision for your business? Is that shared with the team? The first step is communication and making sure you (and where appropriate your team), have a clear understanding of the long and short-term goals.

To build a scale culture you need a framework in place that will be the basis of your activity and a springboard for taking the business forward. Marketing is the key ingredient here and only by having a solid and robust way to undertake your activity will you be able to scale up.

You do need to address the issue of commercialisation and really understand the market and the potential. This is one aspect of a marketing plan, and our software enables you to allocate specific tasks to address this.

Use Our Online Marketing Planning Tool To Scale Up!

Whether you are looking to reach new markets, expand in a current market, launch new products/services or get more from your existing client base, My Marketing Button can help.

Our software is based on our unique marketing planning framework which has been tested on real companies who are now generating great results.

Communication is key and our platform has been built with teamwork in mind. Collaborate on tasks, empower team members with hints and tips and save time by capitalising on our expertise.

Let's Take A Closer Look At My Marketing Button

My Marketing Button Dashboard and Task View

Check Progress In Seconds And
Identify Where Any Gaps Are

  • Simply glance at our handy dashboard to get an overview of completed tasks

  • Identify the areas which you need your team to work on next

  • Awesome! This is a great management tool to incorporate into your meetings, with quarterly views also available in Button History

Save Time And Get Great Results
With Built In Marketing Tips

  • Select tasks based on your long and short-term goals from our categorised database

  • Each task comes with instructions, hints and tips, saving you time and helping grow the skills of your team

  • For a truly bespoke experience, make My Marketing Button your own by creating your own tasks

Efficiently Reaching New Markets

As a manufacturing business operating in a fast moving environment, we were keen to look at ways of streamlining our marketing so we could easily add new products to our portfolio and efficiently reach new markets. The process offered by My Marketing Button gave us a new way to approach how we planned our activity. The methodology is easy to follow and really captures the main elements of marketing for us that allow us to increase our level of activity and track results. It has proved to be a robust and sustainable way for us to look ahead.

James Barber, Commercial Director
Barber Healthcare

Our Pricing

7 Days
free trial

Try this exciting new platform for free for 7 days and create a marketing plan in minutes! See how it motivates, supports, coordinates and drives results.

With the free trial you have access to limited features to show you the potential of our platform.

Pay Monthly
per month

Explore the full framework, create an amazing marketing plan and engage your team in some great marketing activities. Our most flexible package, with a one-month rolling contract.

This works out at £480 per year.

1 Year Contract
per month

Sign up for one year and save money! Take a more strategic approach to your marketing planning and achieve your goals.

Wow! At £360 per year you can save £120 on the Pay Monthly contract.

Most Cost Effective
3 Year Contract
per month

Our best value package! Support your business with a longer term, sustainable marketing plan that drives your commercial success. Benefit from no price increase in 3 years!

Get this offer now at only £300 per year 😀

A Management Tool That Underpins Your Company's Growth

Communicate Your Goals and Collaborate On Achieving Them

Communicate Your Goals and Collaborate On Achieving Them

Collaborate with your team on marketing tasks which take you towards achieving your goals. Each task contains hints and tips from marketing experts.

Understand Your Markets And Their Potential

Understand Your Markets And Their Potential

Hoorah! Our online platform guides you through the process of market appraisal, analysing sales potential and undertaking research.

Have Confidence In Our Framework As You Grow

Have Confidence In Our Framework As You Grow

Knowing that your strategy is based on a proven methodology means that your marketing plan can grow with your business.

Return On Investment

I’ve just done our Q1 2021 summary and over the last year compared to March 2020 we’ve tripled our income on new business and tripled the amount of quotes that we’ve been doing.

Emma Brown, Marketing Manager, Erimus Insurance Brokers

Book A Demo

We would love to meet you and to have the opportunity to demonstrate what My Marketing Button can do for your business. Please use our Calendly booking widget below to schedule an online demo at a time which works for you. Alternatively you can email us at  [email protected]

Use Our Expertise To Support Your Business As You Grow

Our framework for marketing planning has been tried and tested on companies of various sizes at different points on their journey to scale up. The really great thing is, as your business grows and your team expands, the methodology stays the same. It is one constant that you can rely on to help you achieve your goals in year 1, year 2 and beyond.

Perhaps Your Initial Goal Is To Increase Revenue.

My Marketing Button can support you in this with specific categories (threads) of tasks relating directly to increasing sales with not only your target market, but with your existing customers too.

Maybe You Are Looking To Launch A New Product Or Service?

In this case, we can empower your team to do the necessary research, define the processes around this, make sure your messaging is clear and take it to market.

These are just a couple of examples, so to find out how we can support you with your specific goals and vision, why not book a free demo today?

Supporting You On Your Leadership Journey

Our sister company, Red Button Marketing & Training offers CPD accredited training using the same methodology which underpins our online software.

You can book a  bespoke workshop for you and your team, with the option to become a student member of the Institute of Leadership and Management for one year. This is a great option which will empower you and your team with the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level.

We also offer consultancy on an ongoing basis as part of our Business School so that you can maximise the impact of the training, implement the button methodology in your business and get great results!