Are You New To A Marketing Role? Congratulations!

Are you someone who is just starting their career in marketing? Seeking direction and a clearer understanding of how marketing looks in a commercial environment? Trying to work out what marketing activities actually mean in terms of business performance?

Are You New To A Marketing Role? Congratulations! Are You New To A Marketing Role? Congratulations!

Do You Want To Sharpen Your Marketing Skills?

Perhaps you have moved into a new job, and you have a wide range of experience in another role, but your new job involves marketing, and you are seeking clarification on how you can integrate into that and develop your skills.

You may be new in a role where you need to start a marketing department and establish the marketing machine that will transform a business performance and output.

For all of these situations, the key ingredient is a solid plan and a clear understanding of how to align tasks with a plan. How do you translate a plan into deliverable results?

Benefit From Expert Advice

My Marketing Button is an online platform which you can use to create your marketing plan, benefiting from years of experience where we have headed up various marketing departments.

Quickly get organised and assign tasks to your team, or any colleagues interested in helping out.

Our handy dashboard (shown below) gives you an at-a-glance view of how your plan is progressing and gives you insight into what you need to focus on next.

Welcome to My Marketing Button!

My Marketing Button Online Planning Platform

Capitalise On Our Ideas For Activity
Underpinned By A Robust Framework

  • Access our proven framework for marketing strategy in a straightforward online platform

  • Gain over 100 categorised ideas for marketing activity or add your own

  • Awesome! Each task contains advice and a checklist full of hints and tips

Quickly See Progress And How This
Impacts Your Plan

  • Glance at our Dashboard to get an overview of progress in seconds

  • Review how your team is doing over 12 essential elements of marketing and 4 business areas

  • Immediately identify what you want to work on next

When Is The Ideal Time To Sign Up To My Marketing Button?

So, you are new to a role, we get it, you have a lot to learn and want to start generating results as soon as possible. Now here's the good news! It's really quick to get started with My Marketing Button and you can use the Dashboard to communicate your progress each quarter.

Our experience has shown that following a proven methodology is the best way to get results.

Why not sign up for a free trial or book a demo today?

How A Graduate Insurance Broker Set Up A Successful Marketing Department

As much as you can say that the button methodology works as a feeling, actually our figures show that it does work. Really the figures shouldn’t because it’s been a tough time for everybody. Because we’ve stuck to the methodology and haven’t veered from that, we are starting to see the benefits now.”

Emma Brown, Marketing Manager
Erimus Insurance Brokers

Our Pricing

7 Days
free trial

Try this exciting new platform for free for 7 days and create a marketing plan in minutes! See how it motivates, supports, coordinates and drives results.

With the free trial you have access to limited features to show you the potential of our platform.

Pay Monthly
per month

Explore the full framework, create an amazing marketing plan and engage your team in some great marketing activities. Our most flexible package, with a one-month rolling contract.

This works out at £480 per year.

1 Year Contract
per month

Sign up for one year and save money! Take a more strategic approach to your marketing planning and achieve your goals.

Wow! At £360 per year you can save £120 on the Pay Monthly contract.

Most Cost Effective
3 Year Contract
per month

Our best value package! Support your business with a longer term, sustainable marketing plan that drives your commercial success. Benefit from no price increase in 3 years!

Get this offer now at only £300 per year 😀

Feel Confident And Supported With My Marketing Button

Create An Awesome Marketing Plan In Minutes

Create An Awesome Marketing Plan In Minutes

Get up and running in no time with our online marketing planning tool. Profile your business, consider your objectives and then assign tasks to achieve your goals.

Generate Ideas and Benefit From Expert Advice

Generate Ideas and Benefit From Expert Advice

Wow! My Marketing Button has over 100 categorised tasks for you to use, each one containing advice, hints and tips from marketing experts on how to carry it out.

Communicate Effectively With Your Team

Communicate Effectively With Your Team

Invite your team to join you and collaborate with them on tasks. You can invite your colleagues, outsourced suppliers or anyone else that gets involved in marketing.

Book A Demo

We would love to meet you and to have the opportunity to demonstrate what My Marketing Button can do for your business. Please use our Calendly booking widget below to schedule an online demo at a time which works for you. Alternatively you can email us at  [email protected]

Become A Marketing Champion Like Emma!

Read our case study to discover Emma's story, where she talks about how she grew and developed into the role of Marketing Manager from initially being a graduate with no marketing experience. Emma was introduced to the button methodology through a training course and then went on to lead a marketing team to the best organic six months the company had ever had during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Empower Your Team With Great Communication

When you are new to a role, communicating effectively is key. You need to learn from those around you, whilst ensuring internal and external communication is on point, not to forget motivating your team!

Luckily communication is one of the four key elements of My Marketing Button, so we've got it covered. Find out more by signing up for a free trial or booking a demo today!