Are You New to a Marketing Role? We Would Love to Help

If you are a graduate just out of university or have found yourself landed with a new marketing role, it can be daunting thinking about all the different marketing activities you have to coordinate. Congratulations by the way!

Have you ever searched online for a Marketing Strategy Template? Wouldn’t it be easy if there was an online platform where you could create, plan, implement and track your marketing activities whilst aligning them with the fundamentals of marketing? My Marketing Button is that solution.

A Straightforward Approach to Marketing

We take a unique approach to marketing with our online marketing software, helping you to think about your company and marketing in a new light. Marketing isn’t just advertising and reaching new customers, it is so much more. Marketing is rooted deep in the business’ core and this feeds into everyday activities no matter if you are in the finance or sales department.

It is hard to define what marketing is as a whole subject as it is so broad and the definition is different to everyone, depending on your perceptions and experiences. But, understanding that marketing effects every aspect of a company is important so that you can understand that marketing activities are a crucial part of the everyday running of a business.

So, now you know how important your new role is within your company, where do you start when it comes to implementing marketing activities?

A Marketing Strategy is the Best Way to Contribute to Achieving Business Goals

Working with a marketing strategy is the best way to stay on track and contribute to achieving the goals of the business. The marketing strategy will include long and short-term goals. Not every business has a written marketing strategy as in the fast pace of the business world time is often running away from us and marketing strategies often take a long time to create. Find out what the company goals are. Then you can write them down so that you can create a plan for how marketing can support and help the company to achieve these goals.

Many Different Departments Need to be Involved in Marketing Activities

These activities might not just involve the marketing department but also others within the business. Other departments throughout companies, no matter how big or small, all have a part to play when it comes to marketing. They just might not realise it. From sales to finance, design, and management they all have a role to play with the internal and external marketing within the company. Making sure that everyone is on the same page and working together will make the process of making your goals a reality much easier.

Plan, Implement, & Track Connected Marketing Activities

1. Plan

Plan your activities by looking at the long and short term goals you want to achieve. Working towards a goal gives an underlying strategic approach to your marketing activities and will give you great focus so that you can streamline your activities.

Basically, start to look at things from the end point and work back to evaluate how you will reach that point. Planning backwards helps you to work out the steps that are needed in your journey to achieve your goals.

Planning also helps you to stay flexible and make any changes required. If you have thoroughly thought out your strategy you will have the confidence to alter things to suit the current situation.

2. Implement

Implementation of your ideas is essential. It’s great to have a plan, but getting the plan into action must be your main focus. Look at the activities you have identified as being most urgent to complete, then look at who and how they need to be done.

Identify the people who need to complete different tasks and assign them, this will help you to get a head start working towards your marketing strategy. Don’t forget that great communication is key to motivating others and getting people on board with your strategy.

3. Track

One thing that is often forgotten is remembering to track the progress you are making towards your goals. Tracking progress helps you evaluate the time you have spent on certain activities and if you need to increase the speed of working, tweak your plans, or give focus to something you didn’t initially think of. Then you can ensure that the quality of work that you are producing is high, but you are also staying on track.


Remember that marketing is so much more than just one department or idea. Marketing is challenging, motivational and very rewarding. Be up for the challenge and with the right methodology behind you, you will be able to conquer anything!

To find out more about how My Marketing Button can help you in your new role, why not book a no obligation, 1:1 demo?