Invest in Your Business by Investing in My Marketing Button

An agile, affordable and accessible solution for owner managers who have invested in their business and their team. Now it's about investing in software that allows your business vision and values to come to life through great marketing activity linked to commercial outcomes.

Our packages are designed to suit businesses with smaller marketing budgets who are keen on big impact!

Invest in Your Business by Investing in My Marketing Button Invest in Your Business by Investing in My Marketing Button

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Our Pricing

The Free User
free version

Start planning amazing activity with your current clients so you get results.

Explore how this exciting online solution motivates, supports and coordinates your marketing tasks.

Access limited features for free and a chance to adopt a new way to plan.

Pay Monthly (The Dabbler)
per month

“The Dabbler” package is a more “dipping your toe in the water” approach to planning.

Explore a process that gives you an agile way to plan whilst staying on track for results.

Pricing is subject to change. You will be billed upfront each month.

1 Year Contract (The Stitcher)
per month

“The Stitcher” package is for planners hungry to see just what 12 months of planning can do for their business!

Save money and feel empowered with a fantastic marketing plan!

Pricing is subject to change. You will be billed upfront each month.

Most Cost Effective
3 Year Contract (The Full Threader)
per month

“The Full Threader” is for highly energised, motivated & result focused planners.

Make significant savings, be strategic, feel awesome & get results!

Benefit from no price increases during your initial contract (3 years). You will be billed upfront each month.

Payment Terms

All packages will be billed monthly in advance. The pay monthly price is subject to change at any time, but if you sign up for a 3 year contract we promise we won't put the price up during your contract term.


How do I get started with My Marketing Button?

The easiest way to get started is to sign up on our monthly rolling contract as this gives you full access to our platform with the most flexible pricing.

If you are not sure, you can sign up for our free version which will give you limited access to the platform for as long as you like!

Simply click the "Get Started" button at the top of the screen.

How can My Marketing Button help my team?

My Marketing Button:

  • gives you an agile and powerful marketing plan that everyone can access

  • empowers your team to do a great job, knowing exactly what they are working on and why!

  • saves you time by incorporating instructions on template tasks with handy hints and tips

  • improves communication with built in alerts, reminders and comments

  • provides motivation as you celebrate your achievements together

  • gets you great results

Why should I use My Marketing Button?
  1. My Marketing Button makes marketing planning achievable for everyone.

  2. Our platform is based on our unique, tried and tested button methodology which is recognised by CPD and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

  3. Our software will help you be more effective, work more efficiently and get better results.

  4. You will motivate and empower your team.

  5. We provide ideas for marketing activities with instructions, hints and tips.

  6. You don't need any marketing experience to use our platform.

  7. You can share your progress in one simple visual.

  8. It is straightforward and easy to use.

What If It's Only Me In My Business?

If you want to feel in control of your marketing activity and tasks, this product is ideal – it acts as your motivator and with the amazing range of tasks offered you have focus, choice and prompts to keep you on track.

Is My Marketing Button Easy to Use?


To get a feel for how the product works, we recommend you book a demo. You can also check out our handy infographic which explains how to get started.

My Marketing Button has been designed specifically to make the marketing strategy process really straightforward and to help businesses like yours.

How long will it take me to set up My Marketing Button?

You can get started in minutes! Create a marketing plan and get your team on board.

  • First create your account and go through our intro

  • Next profile your business and invite your team members

  • Pick tasks which are strategically aligned to your goals and assign them to your team.

  • Make it your own and add your own tasks.

  • It's that easy!

We Would Love to Meet You!

If you have any further questions, just give us a shout! We'd love the opportunity to speak to you and help you discover how My Marketing Button can help your business achieve great results