Built Using a Tried and Tested Methodology That Works!

Easily navigate your way through the online platform creating and stitching together a robust marketing plan that addresses each marketing channel, gather and action marketing tasks while feeling supported, guided and upskilled by Ruby, your personal marketing assistant.

Built Using a Tried and Tested Methodology That Works! Built Using a Tried and Tested Methodology That Works!

Fast track your marketing goals and objectives, and discover new ways of creating a marketing plan which addresses all channels and routes aligned with your marketing activities.

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A platform for marketing teams and marketeers

Choose from ready made tasks or create your own

Assign tasks to your colleagues

Learn why it is important to perform certain marketing activities

Track your progress to completing the different elements of your businesses button holes

Plan tasks for your team to complete each quarter

Think ahead by planning your marketing activities in advance

Check tasks you have previously completed on your button history

Motivate your team

Celebrate your achievements with the rest of your team

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Tools for your Marketing Team

Tools for your Marketing Team

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Keep Your Team On Track

  • Keep your team on track, monitor your performance as you complete tasks and enjoy coordinated planning, whether in the office, home working or on the go.

  • Share your marketing activities with your team and assign tasks to specific members. This helps keep everyone up to date, and working towards the same goals.

  • Celebrate achievements as you get notified of your progress which will help to motivate your team spirit.

Check progress and work on tasks on the go

MMB Support and Services

Meet our digital assistant Ruby! She is here to guide you and provides online help within our platform as well as motivational emails to make sure you achieve your marketing goals.

You can contact Ruby at any time via the platform with any questions you may have or ideas for new features!

We also have an online service desk which is used by our support team to swiftly rectify any problems that might arise.

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What our Clients have to say about My Marketing Button

We have recently started using the Red Button Marketing Portal and have been delighted with how easy to use and user friendly it is. It’s given us real food for thought and some great ideas to help start our official marketing function. We have quickly realised that our own efforts were only really touching referrals and there is so much more scope out there. A real tech gem and very reasonably priced.

Bev Goodall
Abacus Bean

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Behind our business are people with years of experience in marketing, technology, sales, customer service and hospitality, so all the components you need to know that you are in the best hands with our solution.

We know what it takes to face challenges, identify goals and see a clear path ahead to achieving them.

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