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Juggling all the elements of a business can be challenging. And we also have to keep our eye on getting results. So how can we make life easier and plan for success?

This is where we come in. We have created a ready-made framework for a marketing plan. Knowing time is of the essence, we provide the solution with the knowledge, tasks & tips built in.

Save time, get results and maximise resources so that your business moves forward.

Why My Marketing Button Why My Marketing Button

Powered by The Marketing Performance FrameworkTM

The marketing performance framework we offer which powers My Marketing Button gives you an instant plan packed with ideas, support and a ready made structure.  This agile and accessible solution means you remain on track for results.

Developed based on 30 years of experience from a variety of market sectors, The Marketing Performance Framework(TM) is also the methodology which powers our training course "The Fundamentals of an Effective Marketing Strategy" which has been ratified by CPD and The Institute Of Leadership and Management.

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You don’t have to be a marketing expert to have a powerful marketing plan.  Use our expertise and trust in our solid repeatable business process.

A spokesperson from Corporate LiveWire said: "The judging panel was particularly impressed by the bespoke nature of the platform. My Marketing Button is customised to each client, a powerful solution that offers a coordinated plan for businesses who are looking for a solution which will result in commercial success."

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A Platform For Micro Businesses, Start-Ups and Small Companies

Save heaps of time with a pre-populated structure with outcomes already in place

Discover how to connect activity so you maximise ideas and opportunities

Get the benefits of continuity & a powered process pushing your business ahead

Stay motivated, inspired and focused on your business vision

Become more effective, maximise resources and save money

Supercharge your business

Here To Support You On Your Journey

Meet our digital assistant Ruby! She is here to guide you and provides online help within our platform as well as motivational emails to make sure you achieve your marketing goals.

You can contact Ruby at any time via the platform with any questions you may have or ideas for new features!

We also have an online service desk which is used by our support team to swiftly rectify any problems that might arise.

Agile, Accessible & Affordable

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