Calling Micro Businesses, Startups & Small Companies

Come and join our tech community! If you are a business owner with a vision for success then this software will give you an instant framework for you to build your marketing plan. Using a track of business outcomes you can be planning tasks, saving time, feeling motivated and confident with what marketing is and how to maximise it in just minutes!

The structure in this product gives you a powerful way to measure ROMTI (Return on Marketing Time Invested) as well as a clear way to navigate your way through challenges and opportunities.

Calling Micro Businesses, Startups & Small Companies Calling Micro Businesses, Startups & Small Companies

Micro Businesses (Less Than 10 Employees)

Research has shown us that micro businesses put off creating a marketing plan due to lack of:

  • Perceived knowledge

  • Time

Is this you?  Fear not, this is where we come in!  We want to show you how easy it is for you to have a solid and commercially focussed marketing plan that helps you get organised, stay agile and achieve your goals.

You need only start with the knowledge you already have of your business. Even if there is only you in your business, and you want to feel in control of your marketing activity and tasks, this product is ideal – it acts as your motivator and with the amazing range of tasks offered you have focus, choice and prompts to keep you on track.


Have you recently started your or own business, or are in the early stages of growth? If so, congratulations on starting your own business! We know it's a juggling act, and that marketing might not be your primary area of expertise. Don't worry! We have you covered!

  • Get started in minutes with our online marketing planning platform

  • Save time and money by capitalising on our expertise

  • Prepare to effectively launch your business if you haven't already done so

  • Concentrate on doing what you do best

Small Businesses (10 - 50 Employees)

Having a robust marketing plan in place is going to be fundamental to your success. You'll also need strong leadership, a clear vision, short and long-term objectives, great communication and a motivated team.

My Marketing Button is based on a proven methodology which can support and drive the growth of your business:

  • Motivate and empower your team

  • Pick marketing tasks which align to your vision or create your own

  • Share progress in meetings with one clear & interactive visual

Are You New To A Marketing Role?

My Marketing Button is particularly beneficial to those trying to navigate a new role in marketing. Is this you?

  • A graduate in your first marketing role

  • A person skilled in other areas who has been promoted into a marketing role

  • An experienced marketer finding yourself responsible for strategy for the first time

Learn how to sharpen your marketing skills and motivate those around you whilst benefiting from expert advice, generating great ideas and creating a robust online marketing plan.

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