Empower Your Business With A Revolutionary Marketing Culture

Words are just great aren’t they and we love delving into the marketing thesaurus and offering thinking around just how certain words relate to the incredible business process of marketing.

In this blog we are talking “culture”! 

What Do We Mean By Marketing Culture?

Culture can relate to:

“the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”


“the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”

In the context of marketing – we think it’s a combination of both! So much amazing achievement needs to be aligned with marketing and what it represents in a business. What is interesting is the use of the word “collectively”. As that suggests, marketing success is the result of many collectives. That could be a number of people impacting, it could be one person carrying out a variety of tasks or it could be how marketing tasks are weaved together through a plan.

If we then explore the "ideas" and "customs" reference. That is huge in marketing, it's what it's all about. Creative ideas and behaviours are at the stem of where marketing is born.

Your Business Is Your "Society"

For a moment let's think about society and what that could mean in this blog post and how does that become part of our focus on culture. Your business is your society – its where your people hang out! That’s your clients, team, prospects, suppliers, brand ambassadors and all stakeholders. How do they all behave in respect of your business, brand and purpose?

Having absorbed that thinking around what culture means and how it relates to marketing, we then have to ask ourselves, what is our marketing culture? Do we have one? Would all our stakeholders know what it is?

Culture runs right through a marketing process and plan – it acts as the lifeblood of the function of marketing and without it, activity is less effective and brand values and identity become weakened.


It's never too soon to focus on embedding a solid marketing culture in your business and place that very process in the driving seat of ideas, behaviour, achievements and progress.

Thank you for taking the time to uncover the incredible impact of just one word! To help support you embed a marketing culture we have one visual – it’s a button!

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