How To Empower Your People With An Inspiring Vision

A vision is where you wish to be in the future, maybe 5 to 10 years down the line, or sometimes longer depending on what the vision entails. The vision gives direction that shapes your goals and how you plan to achieve your targets. You may decide on your company's vision on your own or it may involve several people from across the business, depending on your role and how large your organisation is.

A vision that is well thought out and clearly communicated to your team, can be inspiring and motivating to those around you.

What Is Involved In A Vision For A Business?

Depicting what your company will look like and where it will be so far in the future seems like a huge task... it is. But this gets you thinking about your company's long-term goals.

Your Vision Statement Might Include:

  • How will your company look?

  • Who is a part of it?

  • How many customers/ clients do you want to have?

  • The awareness of your brand?

Building this picture can help you to create the vision for your business.

Example Of An Inspiring Vision Statement

This is My Marketing Button's vision statement:

Our vision is for all businesses to adopt an effective marketing culture that empowers their people and gets results through connectivity.

Should Your Vision Be For The Long Or Short Term?

You can create long and short term visions for your business but, ultimately there should be a connection between them to help you to achieve the wider goal. Depending on your company, short term visions might relate to 1-3 years' ahead, whereas long term visions might look 5+ years into the future. Using both short and long-term visons can help to motivate the people within your business and provide a sense of direction for the aims of the activities within your business.

Use A Vision Statement To Make Your Business Stronger

Knowing where you want to be in the future helps to provide you with perspective. This makes planning a lot easier and means that any targets you set are ultimately part of a bigger picture. People within your organisation can then see how each task they complete is a stepping stone to reaching your final destination. Building a strong business takes time. It is really important to make the effort to communicate your vision to the staff within your organisation. This might take a bit of time, but with consistency and passion, you can get your whole team on the same page, which in itself can be a motivational tool. Getting everyone to understand the business vision should become part of your planning process.

Think About Time And Gain Perspective

Timing is important. Think about where you are on your business journey.

  • Are you just starting your business journey?

  • Are you an established business?

  • When do you want to achieve these goals?

  • How far from your end vision are you?

Perspective is a great thing to have and understanding what stage your business is at on the way to achieving your vision means you can create a better informed plan.

Setting Realistic Goals

Setting short term goals can help break down your vision into managable steps and stop the vision from seeming overwhelming for you and your team. Make sure that your goals are realistic. Think about the steps that need to be completed in order to reach your goals. These can then be set as simple targets making the overall vision less intimidating. Celebrate the little wins along the way to achieving your dreams and make the process much more fun!

Your Team, &/Or The Businesses That Support You

People in your company, or in the businesses that support you might respond differently to communication, so find out what works best and how you can make sure everyone gets a consistent message. How can you best communicate with your team?

  • Email

  • Team meetings

  • 1:1 chat

  • Company presentation

  • Manager discussions

  • WhatsApp messages

  • Workplace social group

Learn how they best absorb information so they can work towards achieving the goals you have set and contribute to the overall business vision.

Make Your Vision Statement Visible & Increase The Chance Of Success

Write your vision down and make it visible to your team, whether that be on an office whiteboard, as a poster or posted on your intranet. Everyone can then refer back to it, build on it and be reminded about what you are working towards. It is a proven fact that writing down your dreams, goals and ambitions make them more likely to become a reality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create short and long term goals for your business. Short term goals help break down the vision into achievable steps.

  • Be realistic with the targets you set.

  • Share your business vision with your team, so everyone understands what they are working towards.

  • Write your vision down, build upon it and refer back to it.

My Marketing Button helps you to make your vision a reality by empowering your team to carry out marketing activities related to your plan.