Maximise Your Reach by Capitalising on Opportunities

Here are a few ways in which you can maximise the reach your business has by looking for new and existing opportunities to promote your business and increase sales.


Ask your clients and customers to write a testimonial about their experience with you the next time you contact them. You don’t have to ask everyone; you can be selective about the people you ask. People like to see others experiences and find out more about your business from people that have had first-hand experience. This is a great opportunity not only to show of how amazing your company is but also you could send the customers a small gift like a box of chocolates to say thank you for taking the time to write the testimonial.

Networking Opportunities

This doesn’t just mean going to networking events. Take every opportunity that presents itself to network. This could be your neighbour who also runs a business, a customer who you speak to regularly who has different business connections, or even talking to people when you are out and about as you never know how these people may be able to help to promote your business or they might become a useful contact to get to know.

Ask How People Found You

Do you know how your customers or clients found your business? Ask them. The next time you are speaking to a client, ask them how they found you. You might be surprised. Sometimes you might find out that you have someone recommending your company that you didn’t even know. Or you might find that clients are finding you by searching key terms, or through social media. This means that you can find out more about the different touch points your potential clients go through before contacting your company. Then you can look at optimising these touchpoints and taking advantage of the opportunities that might arise from them.


Is there any events you can attend as your company? Look for any appropriate events coming up, see if any would be suitable to attend. This could be at an exhibition, networking event, or even opportunities to collaborate with other businesses. Charity events are especially great for giving back to a good cause and you can use these events to raise the profile of your business.

Get the Most Out of Each Opportunity

Remember to use each opportunity to its full potential. For example, if you attend an event, post a blog about your experience, then you can share this on your social platforms, if it is appropriate, you could even use it as an opportunity to refresh your photos of your team for your website. Another great thing to remember is to celebrate your successes, as well as publishing them on your website and social platforms is reaching out to networking groups that you are a part of, of local business newsletters, magazines, and websites to publish articles. This is a great opportunity for your company to be seen by fellow businesses and increase your company’s visibility.

There are so many opportunities out there waiting it’s sometimes hard to know what’s best to do. We hope this blog has provided some clarity. Remember using every opportunity you can, in line with your marketing plan, is essential to reach your marketing goals. Use these opportunities to their full potential and have fun! Happy marketing planning.

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