The Power Of Connected Marketing

Connected marketing brings together the wider business strategy with the people in different departments and various activities which are being carried out.

By using effective communication we demonstrate how you can work together to save time and money, whilst achieving your business goals. 

Why Should You Connect Your Marketing With The Other Parts Of Your Business?

If you look at the different areas of your business, from sales to HR to finance, they all in some way have a connection to marketing.

  • In sales, it's understanding the target customer and generating leads.

  • In HR, it’s attracting and recruiting the right people to be a part of your organisation.

  • Finance controls your budget for any campaigns and ideas for marketing activities.

Ensuring the different parts of your business are on the same page in terms of your vision, the objective(s) of your marketing activities, and how these outcomes can impact their area of expertise can help everyone in the organisation work in collaboration. This will help to create an open dialogue between different parts of the company and will ultimately lead to achieving the wider business strategy more effectively.

How Effective Communication Leads To Connected Thinking

Organising team meetings which include other departments are a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page as well as setting targets, sharing plans and agreeing actions and that connect with each other.

When the people in your business are informed about what other areas of the company are doing it makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger. Not only this, but they can see that their contributions to activities are making a difference to the organisation. This will create a positive atmosphere within the workforce, improve motivation and encourage a drive to achieve the business targets.

Streamline Your Thinking & Connect Your Business Strategy
With Your Marketing Activities

Now you have connected the different areas of your business by creating common goals and effective communication between different departments. Now, let's think about how you can input the goals of other departments into your marketing activities.

Are there marketing activities that you could be using to support the work of other departments and help them achieve their goals?

By sharing each department's goals and plans in your team meetings, you can spark new collaborative ideas and initiatives.

Equally, the information you gather from your marketing activities could be useful to share with other areas of the business. Sharing data, analytics or useful insights might benefit the business as a whole. You might even save some time and money by avoiding duplicate work!

There might also be some marketing activities that would be better carried out by a different department as they might have the knowledge to complete the task more efficiently.

Other Ideas Include:

  1. Create a place where you can share electronic files with other departments. Examples include Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive.

  2. Think about creating a point of contact with certain areas of the business.

  3. Consider how you can share planned activities so that everyone is aware of what is going on within the business.

Having an awareness of wider business activities can help inform your marketing planning. Looking at the business vision, goals and business strategy will inform what marketing activities need to be implemented and which areas of the business can attribute to the success of these.

Think BIGGER To Connect The Dots With Your Marketing Activities

Understanding the complexities of your business and utilising them to your advantage for marketing can help take your business to the next level. Connect your thinking, connect your people and you will become more effective at marketing your company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establish good communication methods with the wider business so that you can tackle marketing activities more effectively.

  • Know when to delegate marketing tasks that require specialist knowledge to departments that can facilitate what you need.

  • Continuously check the business strategy to ensure the marketing plan is aligned with the business vision.

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