What Is A Marketing Methodology?

My Marketing Button is underpinned by a scientific process, or a set of methods which give you a framework to follow so that you can consistently create effective marketing activity. In this blog we dig into what a marketing methodology is and why your business needs one!

A Scientific Way Of Working

One definition of a methodology is:

"a system of methods, principles and rules for regulating a given discipline, as in the arts or sciences." (Dictionary.com)

In simple terms, the marketing methodology offered by My Marketing Button is a way of working scientifically; by following our proven methods, principles and rules to create and implement a marketing plan which gets results.

Marketing is an essential business process, yet many people perceive it to be just putting a post on social media every once in a while, doing a bit of networking or having a website. In reality it is about so much more!

Our marketing methodology is a powerful management tool which can be used to bring together a business’ vision and goals into alignment with the specific activities that a company’s people should carry out in order to be effective and bridge the gap between departments. It can provide motivation and answer “why” and “how” certain activities should be carried out, spark great ideas and give the whole team confidence in the results they can achieve through their daily activities.

How Can This Management Tool Help Me Achieve My Targets?

Think of your business like a button. In fact, your business is the button! You need to keep the button stitched on with the threads you weave through it which are the focus points of your marketing activities. The stronger the thread, the stronger the button will hold. This approach enables you to focus on key elements that are important to your business, to build your plans around these, ensuring that you go on to meet your targets in these areas.

Specifying clear targets is essential and helps you to create achievable tasks to work through. We help you to look at your business and what you want to achieve, which helps by giving perspective when you are looking at the activities required to reach these goals.

4 Key Business Areas

We look in detail at four key areas, or button-holes which make up your business:

  • Clients

  • Prospective Clients

  • Products & Services

  • Communications

Your People are the fabric of your business and carry out the activities which will keep your button firmly stitched in place.

12 Essential Elements Of Marketing

From here, there are 12 essential elements of marketing which form the rules of effective marketing. The principal is that if you keep doing all 12, you will create a solid marketing plan based on a scientific approach which will empower you to communicate effectively with your team, save time and money and most importantly to achieve your goals.

Examples include:

  • Analysing the potential you have with your existing clients

  • Asking clients for feedback and acting on it to improve your service/ your offering / meet a new need

  • Capitalising on client referrals

How Can My Marketing Button Help?

Our agile online marketing planning platform captures this process in a simple online solution. We provide you with the underlying methodology, plus categorised ideas for tasks complete with methods, hints and tips for carrying them out. You can customise the solution, by adding your own tasks, adding notes and inviting your team to collaborate.

We give you a clear visual, showing how your marketing activities are connected to your plan, empowering you to celebrate your successes, as well as making it easy to spot what you might be missing and become even more effective over time.

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What Credentials Do You Have?

Our methodology was developed based on 30 years of experience in different roles in a variety of sectors and is used by our sister company, Red Button Marketing & Training. As part of our Business School we offer a workshop “Marketing Strategy: A Framework for Success” which covers our methodology in just 3 hours and is accredited by both CPD and The Institute of Leadership & Management.