5 Top Email Marketing Tips

Check out the latest email marketing tips from our guest blog writer and digital marketing experts, Colewood:

5 Top Email Marketing Tips


A lot of marketers focus on Click Through Rate (CTR) or revenue to measure how effective an email campaign is. But the truth is if no one is open your emails, then they can't click through and ultimately purchase.

Focus on your subject lines. A/B test to see what works best for your subscribers, don't just copy from others and expect it to work like magic.


We’ve witnessed many email campaigns with no clear Call To Action (CTA), whether in an image or a button. Or when they have been present, it's right at the bottom of the email, which will be no use to anyone.

Get your CTAs front and centre, but not only that, make the page the user is landing on relevant to the CTA they'd just clicked or tapped.


Talking of tapping, if you don’t optimise your email campaigns for mobile devices, you won’t win those precious sales.

As of 2020, 81% of emails opened were on a mobile device, a massive growth from 27% in 2011. Looking at your data will tell you how many users are using mobile or desktop devices.

Source: https://www.superoffice.com/blog/email-open-rates/


The more data you have access to, the more complex and clever you can be with your email campaigns. It's of great benefit for automated campaigns that work o dates or user-triggered actions.

Review your data at regular intervals - you might find you have subscribers not interacting at all and some all the time.


Not everyone uses an iPhone or Outlook, so your email campaigns need to be prepared for dierent inboxes. With WIZYWIG editors like Mailchimp, this shouldn't be a problem as they should have worked out the kinks, but it doesn't hurt to check.

If you're using custom code as we do at Colewood, then testing is essential. Using Litmus is an excellent way to check consistency across a range of inboxes, both on mobile and desktop devices.

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