Online Event: Introducing A Sustainable Framework For Effective Marketing Planning

Tuesday 7th December 2021, 11am - 12pm

Businesses who are looking to be able to track results from marketing activity need to start with a plan based on a sustainable process.

We are operating in a business world where changes and trends are a regular occurrence and responding or dealing with that often presents significant challenges for businesses with growth ambitions.

This event, which we are running in partnership with Virgin Money, introduces an exciting new methodology that transforms the way a business plans its marketing activity. We go one step further and actually offer a new definition of what marketing means.

In this hour we look more closely at a product and training program that is here to support you and your team with a marketing plan. We look in detail at how this can bring motivation, job definition and a sense of working together in respect of departments within a business.

If you are keen to know more about how to construct a marketing plan that will lead to improved return on investment, deal with challenges and improve the speed of bringing ideas to life then this event is for you.

There will be time for conversation around marketing and communication so we would be delighted for your input.