Online Event for Startups: Power Up Your Marketing And Launch Amazing Activity

24th February 2022, 10am-11am

If you are one of those innovative and forward-thinking people who have taken the massive step of creating a business then that’s fantastic! It is exciting and challenging all in one and then there is the matter of marketing!

This event, in partnership with Startups Magazine will empower you to generate an awesome marketing plan based on a robust framework which will get great results.

Define what marketing means in your business

Get a clear definition of what marketing means but more importantly how it looks in terms of your business. Being able to see it and understand the set of intricate processes that make up this amazing aspect of business is the way to transform your business performance.

Research shows us that most entrepreneurs struggle to devote time to devising an effective plan, particularly when marketing is not their primary area of expertise.

Ensuring an effective marketing mix for start-ups

In this event, we are partnering with Startups Magazine to discuss how marketing can look for start-ups and how to ensure an effective mix when juggling loads as a new business as well as wearing lots of different hats!

Startups Magazine is a print and digital publication which champions tech startups - the entrepreneurial heroes disrupting industries and the creators’ challenging norms and breaking boundaries.

What to expect

My Marketing Button's Founder, Margaret Bradshaw, will introduce our innovative marketing planning framework and will also highlight how you can move swiftly and easily from creating a timesaving online plan to getting on with marketing activities that generate results.

  • Discover how to create an awesome marketing plan in minutes

  • Understand the why behind outsourced activities

  • Generate ideas for marketing activities and capitalise on our expertise

  • Visualise where you are with your plan in seconds

  • Generate the results you need to grow your business