From a Startup Idea to Launching a Successful Online Platform

In 2018, our founder, Margaret Bradshaw arrived at Teesside University with her vision for My Marketing Button sketched out on a roll of wallpaper. Fast forward three years, through many personal and business challenges and we now have a robust online platform with a growing community of users.

So just how did we get here?

Talking Tech with Mags Bradshaw - My Marketing Button

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My Marketing Button is lucky to have a great support network in place and has worked closely with DigitalCity, Tees Valley Business Compass and more recently, Dargue Associates. Having these relationships in place empowered Margaret to take her vision for an innovative new way of planning, tracking and implementing marketing strategy into a digital world.

Margaret said “I have worked for over 30 years supporting businesses with their marketing and had observed first-hand how difficult it is for business owners and marketeers to carve out time to devote to marketing planning. With My Marketing Button, we have simplified an often complex process into four areas “button-holes” for a business to focus on, with 12 “threads” which are used to categorise marketing activities. If a business covers all 12 areas then they will have a balanced marketing strategy which will drive positive results.”

“Businesses can become more efficient by doubling up resources and tackling projects in tandem which have similar facets. We support managers with marketing ideas, instructions and marketing tips as well as providing the opportunity to add your own tasks into the mix. The platform makes it easy to assign tasks, motivate your team and review and celebrate progress.”

“I’ve always been clear on my concept and what I wanted to achieve, but the journey bringing a product to market has definitely involved a learning curve! In this podcast, I'm In Conversation” with DigitalCity, talking about my initial inspiration, the early days of our relationship with DigitalCity, getting through testing times in life, defining and redefining the product road map right up to getting in front of potential investors.”