Success Sewn Up With Erimus Insurance Brokers

This podcast demonstrates how Emma Hughes, initially employed at Erimus as a graduate with no marketing experience, met our owner, Margaret Bradshaw (Mags), was introduced to My Marketing Button through a training course and then went on to lead a marketing team to the best organic six months the company had ever had during the Coronavirus pandemic!

We are also joined by Jane Reynolds, Business Development Manager at North Star Ventures and Chair of Tees Valley Business Club who facilitates the conversation.

Show Notes

1.00 Introduction from Mags, My Marketing Button

1.30 Introduction from Jane Reynolds

2.00 Jane and Mags in conversation, discussing:

  • How a button is a part of our everyday lives which we almost take for granted… even though it is important, and annoying when it falls off!

  • Our marketing methodology takes the form of a button and the same tone:

    • Solving business challenges

    • Bringing marketing activities together and providing co-ordination

    • Encouraging open communication

    • Empowering a team

  • How My Marketing Button came into being and how the methodology was tested and proven in those early days

  • How Mags shares the magic ingredients to a successful marketing strategy “fairy dust”

  • Where the business is now and how the team is going about promoting a new tech solution

27.42 Jane introducing Emma from Erimus

28.11 Emma from Erimus talks about her journey from graduate broker with no marketing experience to Marketing Manager, including:

  • How their marketing button had fallen off and nobody was even looking for it

  • Being given marketing responsibilities

  • Working in a dual role

  • How she met Mags

  • How a team training course on the button methodology suddenly made everything clear, including WHY certain marketing activities were important to her new strategy

  • Validation for the methodology which translated into a real business and real results

40.16 How Emma lead Erimus in their marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic and came out even stronger, including their return on investment:

“Once things started to pick up, we were actually surpassing pre-covid levels and I think it just goes to show that staying true to your methodology, we knew who we were and what our proposition was, and we knew that people needed us.”

“We had one of the best organic six months we’d ever had at the end of last year (2020).”

“I think as much as you can actually say the methodology works as a feeling, actually our figures show that. And really it shouldn’t because it is a tough time for everybody and because we’ve stuck to the methodology and haven’t veered from that we are starting to see the benefits now.”

42.45 Mags and Emma make some final comments on teamwork and the important consistency a methodology brings.

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